Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Nicola Roberts video "Yo-Yo"

This is the new Nicola Roberts video you probably won't be able to watch here because Vevo sucks. Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, it's a third amazing single in a row for Nicola. And it features a hot piece of model ass. An Nic in a shower. Get watchin' you pervs!

The superhot Dimitri Tikovoi collab will be released as a single that will probably not get to #1 on January 2nd. "The CD single will come with both a studio and live version of the track as well as the demo version of her original album track, sticks + stones" says Nicola's website. Bargain!
And remember, Nic's debut album Cinderella's Eyes is about 345 times better than most other pop records released this year. 

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