Friday, December 02, 2011

December 1st, 2011 : The day I met pop Goddess Sophie Ellis Bextor

I usually try not to lose my senses/brag/act like a horny teenager/act anything but professional when I meet a "celebrity" (anyone remotely famous for doing anything more or less artistic), but sometimes love comes in the way. 

Well, that's for times when I don't meet IDOLS and/or proper pop legends. Imagine when I meet Kylie or Madonna. 

Tonight was a party held at the UK Embassy in Paris, for the opening of the new Burberry store on the same street. Super classy & luxurious thing, movie stars, music stars, champagne, great food, Alexa Chung DJing (which means playing Kylie's Better The Devil You Know - Destiny's Child's Bug A Boo - Kelis' Acapella -best DJ ever or what?), models everywhere, and a private show by rather good UK band The Feeling.

Hello you.

The Feeling + String Quartet: nice
Well, when I think "The Feeling" I think "one of those guys is Sophie Ellis Bextor's husband" and "oh yeah they have a few good songs". So I was kinda hoping she'd be there too. 
Two songs into the band's set I turned my head to grab another glass of champagne totally check out a hot model take a look at the crowd enjoying themselves and I saw her: insanely beautiful, graciously wearing a white dress subtly showing her baby bump, and singing all the words to the song being performed. All I could think about was for the show to end so I could try and go say hi. 
WHICH I SO TOTALLY DID. Here's how things went down:

- Hi, I'm so sorry to disturb you, and I usually don't do this, but I just wanted to say hi and thank you for you latest album, and the previous ones. (For real, I managed to form a whole sentence).
- Oh thank you that's so nice. Sophie, Nice to meet you (handshake)
- Loïc, lovely to meet you too. I can't wait for you to perform in France! When's that going to happen?
- I don't know yet, soon I hope.
- I'll book you! (yes, the Champagne really made me say that -shame)
- (laughs -well at least I hope so)
- Are you working on some new music?
- Yes I just did a song with Bob Sinclar (it's called Fuck With You, and it's good)
- Oh really? For your album or his?
- His.
- Great! Can't wait to hear that! (for real). (then I said something not really interesting about her label just to keep some credibility -FAIL).
- Do you mind if we take a picture together?
- No that's my pleasure (OMG!)
Picture - Picture - Picture (THANKS @BorisLab)
- Thank you so much Sophie, enjoy the party. Oh and congratulations on the new bay! (my God, yes, I really said that).

And just like that I had met and talked with one of my favorite popstars ever, a woman so insanely beautiful who made some of the best pop songs of the past ten years, which I've listened so many times. Another life-goal achieved! Now onto managing my own music label (and meeting/becoming best friends with Kylie)!!! 

I don't know if you've read all that, but if so: thank you, and sorry for all that nonsense.

THANK YOU Marie for the invite! <3
Just in case you missed it earlier


Scott said...

There are no words for how jealous I am of you. So I give you a string of random characters.

;lkjdf0 98adgjn4pooin åeøjkdkjdfnödjf !!

And thank you for sharing the story!

Tokyobanhbao said...

tu t'en es très bien sorti Loïc! avec une approche fine et so british ;-) classe classe classe! Pour Kylie , je ne peux que t'approuver aussi!

Loïc - It's Pop! admin said...

@Tokyobanhbao : Merci :) Bisous
@Scott : you're welcome!