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It's Pop's top 50 singles of 2011

It's that time of the year again! You know, that moment when every person on the internet feels the need to tell the world about the songs/movies/books/whatever they liked during the year and list them. Well I'm one of them.
So without further ado here are my top 50+ songs of 2011. You can listen to them while you read thanks to a handy SPOTIFY PLAYLIST. When the songs aren't available on there, I provided you with a link ("LISTEN"). 
Of course I'd like to know what you've been listening to during the year, so please write your own top 5/10/20/100 in the comments section!

#1 Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day

Pairing with Dragonette could only equal magic. This song is exactly why I love pop so much and think it's better than anything else in the world. Nicola Roberts : popstar of the year.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Yo-Yo, Porcelain Heart, Gladiator, Beat Of My Drum

#2 The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love?

Other tracks worthy of your attention: Sail Away, In The Grace Of Your Love

#3 Nerina Pallot - Put Your Hands Up

Uplifting and enchanting while being slightly melancholic this song is like the memory of an amazing Summer vacation. Thinking about it I might love it even more than an actual Summer vacation.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Turn Me On Again, All Bets Are Off, Butterfly, Will You Still Love Me

#4 Britney Spears - Gasoline

It took me 6 months to finally admit I liked Till The Wold Ends (those verses and second chorus!) but this one is clearly the best off Femme Fatale for me. Simple, super catchy, sexy… Too bad it was left out of the tour setlist.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Till The World Ends, I Wanna Go, Up & Down, Inside Out

#5 Creature - So High

This pretty much came out of nowhere, and thank God I didn't miss it. Hypnotic and highly addictive, this is pop at its best.

#6 Neon Hitch - Get Over U

I might not have been hooked on her following singles/buzz tracks/whatever, but this one got me from the very first play. Here's hoping more like this is to come on her debut album (if it's released one day).

#7 Will Young - Jealousy

The definition of classy pop by an artist at the top of his game. Breathtaking!
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Hearts On Fire, I Just Want A Lover, Silent Valentine, The Way I See

#8 Erik Hassle - Are You Leaving

II want to believe that Erik's going to be an internationally acclaimed popstar someday, just as he deserves to be. Well to be honest if he didn't make it with a song like this (and his debut album), I don't know how he will.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: debut album Hassle or Pieces, depending on your country.

#9 Rover - Tonight

This is one hell of a revelation. The album's dropping in February, but I can already tell you it's a masterpiece. Till the release, give the debut EP multiple spins, you'll be addicted.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Aqualast, Birds, Joy

#10 Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Under Your Touch

My love for Sophie is no secret, and her latest (unfairly overlooked) album is great, just as this pumping track is. A must-listen.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Heartbreak, Bittersweet, Magic, Make A Scene

#11 Darren Hayes - Talk Talk Talk

I like it when lead singles from albums are actually my favorite tracks. While the rest of the record was not as exciting as I'd hoped, this song is just an intense slice of electro-infused pop with the voice of an filthy angel.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Don't Give Up, Black Out The Sun, Stupid Mistake

#12 Bright Light Bright Light - Disco Moment

If this guy going to release an album someday or what???! Answer: yes, and sooner than you thought. Thank God, he's probably going to save pop (again).

#13 Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum

Wow, this was a way for Girls Aloud's best member to start her solo career. What's I love most about this song is it's not even the best one on the album. Brilliant pop!
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Yo-Yo, Porcelain Heart, Gladiator, Lucky Day

#14 Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers

More than a year after meeting her and hearing this song for the first time, I'm still haunted and obsessed by them. Genius.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Get Some, Sadness Is A Blessing, Rich Kids Blues

#15 Christophe Willem - Cool

The album (or should I say collection of Kylie leftovers and sub-diva imitation numbers both with dreadful lyrics) sure is disappointing, but this track is amazing. And so is L'amour me Gagne. The rest is :(
Other tracks worthy of your attention: sure, if you like cheap songs.

#16 Beyoncé - End of Time

Why this wasn't chosen as B's 1st single off her "4" album, but the 467th is beyond me. This song is fire!
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Run The World (Girls), Love On Top, I Was Here

#17 Florence and The Machine - Lover To Lover

Oh Florence, goddess of hypnotical chanting and pop amazingness.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Shake It Out, What The Water Gave Me, No Light, No Light

#18 Frankmusik - The Fear Inside

Sometimes, on a very very bad album, there's one amazing track.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: LOL

#19 Beth Ditto - I Wrote The Book

Oh BETH!! Who knew the Gossip icon was one of the very few heirs worthy of Madonna ?
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Good Night Good Morning, Open Heart Surgery, Do You Need Someone

#20 Clare Maguire - The Last Dance

I'm so sad this song and album didn't get the success it deserved. Still, one of the finest of the year.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: I Surrender, The Shield and the Sword, Ain't Nobody

#21 Kylie Minogue - What Do I Have To Do (Les Folies Aphrodite Live)

Kylie's latest tour Les Folies is an amazing 2-hour pop marathon full of iconic moments, and this reworking of an old track just slays the original version.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Aphrodite, Spinning Around, Closer, There Must Be An Angel, All The Lovers

#22 The Sound of Arrows - Wonders

This is the tip of the iceberg of Swedish pop. PLEASE listen to the album, it's marvelous.
(And this is probably one of the best artworks of the year).
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Nova, Ruins Of Rome, Magic

#23 Catherine Ringer - Prends-Moi

This woman -half of former twosome Rita Mitsuko- is one of the most amazing ones in French music, and so is her debut solo album. At 50, Mrs. Ringer is probably the greatest french popstar. I LOVE her.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Vive l'amour, Pardon, Quel est ton nom, Mahler

#24 The Kooks - The Saboteur

The band's best track of the year wasn't even on their album Junk Of The Heart. Which doesn't mean it's not full of great tracks.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Eskimo Kiss, Junk Of The Heart

#25 Oh My! - Kicking and Screaming

Pop injustice alert!! They didn't break through with such an amazing song, they might as well go back to their non-popstar life. :/

#26 Wolfette - Different Story

Very promising artist who knows how to write a pop song. My kinda girl.

#27 Marina And The Diamonds - Radioactive

Marina exploring a new way with Electra Heart isn't as good as Marina being Marina, but it's still so much better than 99% of all pop songs released this year...

#28 Adele - Rumour Has It

I've always thought Someone like you was boring. This one isn't.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Set Fire To The Rain, Rolling In The Deep (my #3 song of 2010)

#29 Brigitte Fontaine - Dancefloor feat. Grace Jones

Two icons collaborate on a bouncy club song with cheeky/crazy lyrics: yes Sir!

#30 Orelsan - Plus Rien Ne M'étonne

Yes I listened to one (very good) rap song (and album) in 2011.
Other tracks worthy of your attention: Suicide Social, Des Trous Dans La Tête, Mauvaise Idée

31 - Lady Gaga - Heavy Metal Lover (LISTEN)
32 - Arctic Monkeys - The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala
33 - Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks
34 - Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera)
35 - Penguin Prison - Golden Train
36 - Revolver - Wind Song
37 - M83 - Midnight City
38 - The Shoes - Time to dance
39 - Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
40 - Florrie - I Took A Little Something
41 - One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
42 - TV On The Radio - Second Song
43 - The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
44 - Alex Turner - Piledriver Waltz
45 - Lloyd - Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) (Ft André 3000 & Lil Wayne)
46 - Brigitte - Oh La La
47 - Katy B - Broken Record
48 - Amanda Mair - Doubt
49 - The Weeknd - High For This (LISTEN)
50 - The Saturdays - All Fired Up

- Honorable Mention -

Miles Kane - Rearrange / Holy Ghost - Do It Again / Caotico - Brains Out (feat. Tove Styrke) / Yasmin - Finish Line & On My Own / Jenifer - L'amour Fou (Remix) / Take That - Love Love / Leona Lewis - Hurt & Collide / Coldplay - Paradise / Alex Winston - Locomotive / Julien Doré - Kiss Me Forever / Emeli Sandé - Heaven / The Saturdays - Notorious / The Wanted - Glad You Came / Rihanna feat Calvin Harris - We Found Love / Anna Calvi - Desire / Oh Land - Voodoo / Foster The People - Houdini / Britney Spears - Till The World Ends / Alexis Jordan - Good Girl / Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten / Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans / Yuksek - On A Train / Lady Gaga - Born This Way / Beyoncé - Love On Top

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of all this singers Beyonce is definitely my favorite, i just love her voice! hers and Rhianna's.
'halo' is already pretty old i still can't stop listening it, it soothes me.