Monday, May 30, 2011

[EN FRANCAIS] Brigitte Fontaine miraculeuse (ou presque)

Les fidèles de ce blog vont penser que j'ai un faible pour les Brigitte. Après mon énorme coup de coeur pour le groupe du même nom, je vous propose de vous intéresser à une autre porteuse du sensuel prénom. : Brigitte Fontaine. J'aime bien Brigitte R. aussi, mais elle c'est ma tante, et elle ne fait pas (encore) de musique.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An open letter to Beyoncé Knowles

Dear Beyoncé,

I know I haven't always been nice to you, I often doubted your top entertainer status and almost always mocked your ridiculous outfits. I also tend to think you will never topple Crazy In Love. On some points (outfits), I was right. But I was wrong not to admit you're one of the best pop performers currently in activity. Up there with Madonna and Kylie

Your performance at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards was just amazing. Powerful, visually stunning, vocally perfect, and exciting throughout. OK, it probably cost the equivalent of Malawi's GBP (no worries, Madonna's working on fixing that), but it was everything that can be expected from a great popstar. Thing is there aren't many pop acts in the world who can deliver the way you do. Britney? A flacid piece of jelly who can barely move. Rihanna? A stripper who can't sing on key. Katy Perry? Great tits. Gaga? The definition of "trying too hard". Christina Aguilera? Missing in action. The only two I can think of in terms of great stage entertainment (besides the aforementioned Queens of pop) are Shakira and Pink.

But let's be honest. You tore the competition into pieces last night. So OK, the song isn't great by any means, and the video and performance suggest that it doesn't work on its own (or at least without visuals), but hey, it's all about You Tube and primetime TV, right? Hopefully your new album "4", which comes out in late June will contain a Halo, an Irreplacable, a Single Ladies or (a man can dream) a Crazy In Love. If not, you'll be forgiven cause we'll all still be watching that performance in four month's time. 

As Madonna is nowhere to be seen at the moment, the Kylie campaign and tour are behind us and the Gaga overdose is not really getting me excited, you kinda restored my faith in amazing pop performances. So for that, thank you Beyoncé Knowles.


PS: Tell your Mum to stop whatever it is she's doing to her face. It's almost as scary as the thought of LeToya Luckett and Latavia Roberson ever being members of Destiny's Child.

Monday, May 23, 2011

[PLAYLIST] Good Stuff: May

Here's a selection of amazing tracks I've been wanting to blog about for quite some time. Ready?

Simon Curtis - Superhero

Sexy and brilliant Simon Curtis is back and ready to release his second self-produced album after >he released the first one last year. It's pretty impressive to see that he managed to make such a clever and ambitious pop record (which you can still download for free) on his own, and I can't wait to hear the new one. In the meantime we have his new single Superhero to help us wait. It's great male electro-pop with a definite sexy twist. Too bad we're not hearing more of that these days. Buy it on iTunes & support Simon.

Van Go Lion - Body Moves

My favourite poppers from Portland, OR just released their single Body Moves. They confirm how good they are at making indie pop with this exciting piece of electro pop. After an excellent first EP (see here for previous coverage), they're going strong on their way to success, which I hope will happen soon. More music please!
Célien Schneider - Jupiter

Who doesn't like a lil' bit of gentleness? I certainly do, even more so when it's provided by a charming young artist. Meet Célien Schneider, from Switzerland. His first EP was just released, and the single Jupiter now has a a video. Soft and melodic, the song is reminiscent of Coldplay and perfectly introduces the new artist. He's also at easy with more up-tempo tracks like A Better Lie. More on him soon :-)

Britney Spears - Gasoline

There's not much I love on Britney's latest album Femme Fatale (I hate the first two singles) but Gasoline certainly is an exception. It's a perfect pop track in the vein of what she used to do before her team desperately tried to make her relevant, and is instantly catchy and modern. I hope it gets released as a single during the campaign, hopefully instead of the disastrous Will I Am-produced Big Fat Bass.

The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind (Kleerup Remix).

I know this song is twelve years old, but it's one of my favourites ever and someone recently brought to my attention this remix made by Swedish producer Kleerup (Robyn's With Every Heartbeat, anyone?). It doesn't change the original track much but gives it a synthy touch that make me love it even more! Hey The Cardigans, when can we expect a new album?

Take That - Love Love

Well it's no secret that I have a little weakness for Take That, especially since Robbie rejoined them in 2010. I love their latest record Progress, a really clever album, and this new track (leftover?) which appears on the X Men OST. It's similar to Kidz, which means it's an epic stomping up-tempo number which will probably look great on stage during their new tour WHICH I WOULD LOVE TO ATTEND. But that's a whole different matter. Spread the love love!

The Submarines -  Shoelaces

What's wrong with a bit of indie pop? Nothing, I agree. Here's Shoelaces, by LA-based band The Submarines. This highly addictive track made its way into my ears in no time, and should do the same with you... In case you would like to check them onstage, they'll be playing in the UK soon. See their website for dates. 

Nerina Pallot - Put Your Hands Up (Like It's 1987) - We Are The Chatterleys Mix

You probably know how much I LOVE this song and this artist. I told you a few weeks ago. Well here's a cool and very Kylie-Locomotion remix of Put Your Hands Up, which gives the track a whole new spin. More on Nerina's sublime album soon. I need a few more listens!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Florrie: the future of pop? (probably)

(C) Boris Labourguigne / @borislab
Florrie was I Paris recently and played an amazing headlining show. It was the perfect occasion for an interview with a girl who I think will be a massive popstar when the time is right. And guess what, I even met Brian Higgins, from Xenomania. Bargain! So: wonderful pictures, free music, video interview -it's Florrie overload! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh La La : Brigitte fait le bon choix pour son nouveau single

L'histoire d'amour continue. Brigitte propose aujourd'hui son nouveau clip, pour l'excellent titre "Oh La La", l'un des plus efficaces de son premier album. Le groupe poursuit donc son beau parcours, alors que son premier album "Et Vous, Tu M'aimes ?"s'est déjà vendu à 35 000 exemplaires en un mois à peine. Brigitte, c'est une belle aventure partie pour durer. En attendant, vous pouvez revoir mon interview du groupe ici même

You don't have to speak French to understand how amazing Brigitte are. Hot on the heels of the release of their debut album, Sylvie and Aurélie just posted their new video for new single Oh La La. Great choice, I must say, and awesome video. If I were you I'd go listen to this record right now. And maybe watch that interview I did with them a few weeks ago.

Brigitte - Oh La La par 3emebureau

Monday, May 02, 2011

Meet Skip The Use (+ Free Download)

It's high time you met Skip The Use, a great band from Lille, France. They play a festive blend of electro rock, and the tracks from their upcoming second album (due out in September on Polydor/Universal after they released their first one on their own) are just impossible to resist. On stage, their leader Mat Bastard (I know...) is incredibly energetic, and takes the band to a whole other level. Keep an ear on those guys, and get a free download of a great remix of their first single Give Me Your Life.


Skip The Use, c'est l'histoire de cinq lillois qui ont décidé de faire bouger les foules. Emmené par l'explosif Mat Bastard, qui n'est pas sans rappeler un certain Kele (frontman du groupe anglais Bloc Party), le quintette vient de terminer l'enregistrement de son second album à sortir en septembre prochain.

Son premier album, le groupe l'a autoproduit, se faisant par la suite remarquer sur scène, où le disque l'a emmené pour plus de 150 dates. Entre les premières parties (Mademoiselle K, Rage Against The Machine, Trust, Mark Ronson...) et de nombreux festivals prestigieux (Printemps de Bourges, Garorock, Solidays, Sziget, Main Square...) le groupe s'est forgé une forte identité scénique qui marque durablement les esprits. Impression confirmée il y a quelques semaines, quand le groupe a convié quelques invités à écouter en live une sélection de nouveaux titres dans un studio du onzième arrondissement parisien. Pour les novices de Skip The Use, la claque a été totale, tant l'énergie déployée par chacun des membres de la formation, et surtout chaque chanson, tubesque et explosive à souhait, étaient évidentes.

Pour leur second opus, Mat et sa bande ont signé sur un gros label, Polydor. Un joli coup qui ne semble pas les effrayer outre mesure : "La transition s'est faite assez facilement, on a un lourd passé indé et parfois il nous faut accorder nos violons. On est tombés sur une équipe assez cool et rock 'n'roll donc on parvient jusqu'ici a toujours trouver un terrain d'entente. L'avantage c'est qu'on a pu faire le disque qu'on voulait et comme on le voulait, le projet n'a pas perdu de sa fougue ni de son petit côté trash".

L'album, enregistré entre leurs studios respectifs, celui du label, le célèbre studio ICP à Bruxelles et même Bristol pour le mixage, s'annonce comme l'un des plus intéressants du second semestre, avec un son électro-rock puissant et des titres aussi efficaces qu'électrisants. Le premier single choisi pour le présenter s'intitule Give Me Your Life, et résume parfaitement l'impression que l'on ressent à l'écoute de cet opus : ce groupe ne resemble à aucun autre.

Nous vous proposons de découvrir ce single via un remix des Ptits Pilous, qui sans altérer la chanson originale, lui offrent un traitement résolument dancefloor auquel peu sauront résister. Si vous étiez passé à côté des débuts de Skip The Use, il est grand temps de rattraper le temps perdu et de rejoindre le train (à grande vitesse) de ce groupe qui devrait marquer 2011.

Découvrez ci-dessous la superbe video réalisée par 3èmeGauche TV lors du showcase privé du groupe.

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