Monday, January 23, 2012

[DAIL'ITSPOP] #10 01.23.12 Coco Morier - EP

#What? Coco Morier EP (EP)

#Who? New popstar alert!!! Coco Morier is my first pop crush of 2012.

#Fact/ I so totally stumbled on her Facebook fanpage thanks to the always reliable (except when he's stanning over Heidi Montag ;) ) Muumuse. Now I'm learning she's a songwriter who's written many a song for Britney (Heaven On Earth, top-notch track on Blackout, How I Roll & Trip To Your Heart on Femme Fatale) as well as for a handfull of other artists (full list here). Coco was also a member of electro-rock duo Electrocute AND Charlotte Gainsbourg's lead guitarist and background singer on her 2009/10 tour!
She's juste released a five-track EP that's very very good. Track Explosion is great electro-pop just the way I like it. Think a bit Robyn, a bit Neon Hitch when she's good, a bit Cindy Lauper's Echo. The EP was co-written with Skye Ferreira and Miike Snow among others. That should convince you to buy it ASAP, just as I did. Player Of Love is a great track too. 

#Link/ Funnily enough Coco's Facebook page only has about 300 "fans". Like it now! Listen to the whole EP on Soundcloud and BUY it here or through the convenient widget above.

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