Thursday, January 12, 2012

[DAIL'ITSPOP] #4 01.12.12 Madonna - Impressive Instant / Burning Up (Sticky & Sweet Tour Demo)

#What? Impressive Instant / Burning Up medley (unreleased mashup)

#Who? Madonna. I thought the announcement of her new album's name was worth celebrating a bit more.

#Fact/ This amazing mashup composed of Music album track Impressive Instant and 1983 single Burning Up was supposed to be part of M's latest tour Sticky And Sweet Tour (2008/2009) as part of the last act of the show. As she does for all of her tours, she recorded the whole show during the rehearsals and those demos leaked online later. Unfortunately this song was left aside at the last minute. Too bad, it would have been perfect for this show. 

#Link/ Madonnalicious, a great fan site!

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