Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[DAIL'ITSPOP] #7 01.17.12 War Of Words - Battleground

#What? Battlegound (single)

#Who? War Of Words. I told you about those girls a while back, saying their two (TWO) debut singles were awesome. Not much has changed since then. Still awesome.

#Fact/ So, Battleground is one of two singles that should launch this UK female twosome properly. Instead, both singles are probably going to go unnoticed, because radio people and the "record"-buying public are pretty much out of their minds at the moment (Jessie J's Domino at #1, really????!). Second single Panic is pretty epic and amazing too. So basically it's two fantastic singles for the price of one (for the price of two, but you see what I mean).

#Link/ BUY THESE F*CKING SINGLES : Amazon UK, Amazon FriTunes UK, iTunes Fr.

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