Saturday, January 07, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Foster The People: "It's all kind of a blur"

I absolutely totally completely forgot to post the interview @3emeGauche and I did with Foster The People, you know, that band full of hotties and whose album is so hit-packed it would almost make Girls Aloud blush? We met them a few hours before their sold-out show at La Cigale, one of the best venues in Paris, during the Inrocks Black XS Festival.

Well anyway, here it is for your viewing pleasure. My only question is: why the hell was I wearing glasses on that day??!!

On a side note, Foster The People's amazing album Torches is still available for you to purchase, and you can watch their latest very good video for Don't Stop, which features Gabourey Sidibe (of Precious fame) right here right now.

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