Sunday, July 01, 2012

Little Mix's Wings: that's what you call a proper girlband launch single

First listen: "erm, yeah, sounds ok"
Second listen: "this song is awesome"

So there it is: the Little Mix launch single is excellent, and has all it takes to position them as the next big UK girlband. I'm so relieved they didn't pull a Dolly Rocker on this one.
While the lyrics are clearly aimed at teens in a "you are beautiful no matter what they say" kind of way, this song sounds like a grown-up pop song, which is exactly what they needed. Remember when they were on X Factor, they always hit the spot when they were singing proper pop songs : Don't Let Go (Love), Telephone, You Got The Love...
Plus, it's not a craptrack about being out in the club or any other LMAFO-esque kind of shit, which s a real relief these days. Is good, traditional pop, back, at last? Let's hope so.

This is GOOD, people.

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