Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ellie Goulding's new single Anything Could Happen is the exact opposite of a bad song

While the UK hottie is currently slaying the US Billboard Hot 100 with the excellent Lights (a single that was initially released 70 years ago) peaking at #2 last week, she is getting ready to drop her second album Halcyon on October 8th.

First single Anything Could Happen premiered while I was sunbathing in Corsica, hence my posting it just now. It is so good that you can be reassured for now: much like Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding is probably going to to the exact opposite of sucking on her second album. From the artwork, to the nice little lyric video featuring Instagram shots (how 2012), to, of course, the song itself, the whole thing is a total sucess. Can't wait to hear Halcyon. Better be sooner than later. 

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