Saturday, August 04, 2012

[LOCK THE DOORS] Madonna has a Kiki

Sometimes the world sucks and we have to suffer awful Ke$ha singles, an sometimes all is right and something like this happens.
Some guy named Captain Obvious just mashed two of the greatest tracks in the entire world, Madonna's Vogue and Scissor Sisters' Let's Have A Kiki (the sound of 2012 if you didn't already know). The result is camper and even sexier than Tom Daley on Grindr at Frisco Pride. Amazing. 

Scissor Sisters' new album Magic Hour is available now, featuring Kiki and many other ace songs like Somewhere, Self Control, Keep Your Shoes On, Shady Love or Only The Horses. Buy here : FR, UK, US
Watch my interview with the whole band here. I had a Kiki.

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