Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Queen of above-average ballad Leona Lewis returns with excellent no-ballad Trouble

Generally acceptable and vocally gifted former X-Factor winner and Eurythmics coverer Leona Lewis is properly back with the proper lead single off her long-awaited third album Glassheart

Forget the whole Collide mess from last year (a song I was probably the only one to genuinely like, given that she was finally offering something a little different), forget the surprisingly good cover of Hurt she did around Christmas, forget the multiple delays of the album, Leona is BACK.

Her new single is not a ballad per se, it's more a moody urban track about her being "a whole lot of trouble". Thank God it's a great change from Happy (the track that boringly launched her second album, and in my opinion cursed it. Outta My Head should have been the first single to shake things off).

Even the inclusion of rapper Childish Gambino is a good idea. It takes Leona Lewis (truly the most gifted vocalist since 90s-Mariah, right? Proof: Bleeding Love: chills, Run: chills) to edgier territory and more exciting paths. OK, it's in no way a revolution, just a well-thought evolution. Now here's hoping she finally loses her virginity. 

EDIT: now the song has quite an ugly "lyric video".

Trouble is out on October 7th (yeah, right) with Glassheart to follow a week later.

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