Monday, September 17, 2012

[ALBUM REVIEW]: Contact by Noisettes

Noisettes' previous album Wild Young Hearts was one hell of a great record, one of the few where all songs are great (you know, that thing that happens about 5% of the time). 

I'm pretty happy their new record Contact, which was released in late August, somehow follows this previously established path of goodness. While I think the first single was not a good choice to get people excited (That Girl, while the anthemic Winner was just made available for free on their Facebook page -bitch please), it turns out it's got more than its fair share of potential hits and exciting tracks.
The first half of the record is more efficient, in-your-face and filled with radio-friendly tracks like I Want You Back, Final Call, Winner or Let The Music Play (a favorite here!) than the second one which sees a yukulele-led track (Ragtop Car), a few ballads (Never Enough, Contact -both good as far as ballads go) and less memorable songs.

If you get the bonus track edition, you'll be pleased to hear Prisoner of Love, a more retro-sounding track that could have been a good inclusion on Wild Young Hearts, which says a lot about its quality. 

It's a good thing the band went to explore more daring territories, not trying to re-create their previous record, but willing to offer a different sound, slightly more electro-infused. Great work on the A&R and production is displayed here and you would be very ill-advised not to give Contact the attention it deserves. 

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