Friday, September 14, 2012

Robbie, Robbie, I'm totally here for you, and I like Candy

Yay, Robbie Williams is back, and this time it's not with an awful duet with Gary Barlow. Gary's still around though, as he wrote this funky and highly enjoyable new single Candy, taken from Rob's new studio album Take The Crown, out Nov 5.

This is undoubtedly Robbie's best work since the Rudebox album, a misunderstood genius record. Speaking of the past, it's funny how during his first proper live gig in YEARS, Rob did as though his last three albums never happened and it was 2004 all over again. I'm totally up for such a show. All those songs from Escapology! And Kids! And KARMA KILLER! See the yummy setlist below.

Paris is waiting, Robbie Williams.

1 comment:

emybee said...

rohhh il était pas si mauvais que ça le duo avec Gary ;)
Vivement l'album quand même! Et j'approuve la setlist. Reste plus qu'à le faire venir en France et le mettre sur une scène!