Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[CONCOURS] Viens toucher The Wanted en privé

Globalement je n'ai que deux rêves dans la vie :
1) Manager un girlband (plutôt des Spice Girls que des Dolly Rockers)
2) Faire partie d'un boyband

Autant pour le premier tout est encore possible, autant pour le second, il faut se rendre à l'évidence : 
- je ne suis pas assez musclé
- je n'ai pas assez de good hair days (environ 67% de bad hair days)
- mes capacités de danseurs sont assez limitées
- les groupies? pas trop non.

CEPENDANT l'an dernier j'ai rencontré The Wanted, et ils m'ont tellement kiffé qu'il ont absolument insisté pour que je rejoigne le groupe. Malheureusement j'ai du décliner car j'attendais une réponse des One Direction. On sait tous comment ça s'est fini. 

BREF, je compte bien me rattraper le 3 juillet prochain à l'occasion du concert privé que le groupe donnera à Paris, dans un lieu pour l'instant secret. Je prépare ma valise en cas de retour en tourbus, soyez-en sûr. Tu veux voir ça de tes yeux ? Ca tombe bien j'ai 3x2 places à t'offrir pour tenter de chopper Max (ou les autres, mais qui préfèrerait les autres à Max??!). 

Pour gagner rien de plus simple : envoie la réponse à la question ci-dessous à avec "The Wanted" en objet de mail, et si le hasard fait bien les choses, tu seras des notres ! Tu as jusqu'au lundi 1er juillet pour jouer.

Quel est le titre qui a permis au groupe de percer aux Etats-Unis ?
1) All Time Low     2) Glad You Came      3) La Lambada

Allez, bonne chance l'ami(e). Et si jamais tu ne gagnes pas tu pourras toujours te consoler en regardant le dernier clip du groupe, Chasing The Sun.

Monday, June 25, 2012

K25 continues: Kylie's Mardi Gras performance in full

This is Tranny Kylie Minogue performing at Syndey Mardi Gras. This is very gay. And awesome. 

It looks a bit like Kylie doing Madonna at the Superbowl, which kinda was Madonna doing Kylie's Aphrodite Les Folies. POP IS ONE GIANT CIRCLE OF AMAZINGNESS.

And while we're on the matter of Kylie & Madonna, here's what the aussie wonder said about the second (and older) queen of the Pop Kingdom, while doing some promo for God-knows-what (her best of CD??) in the US a few days ago. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Dragonette - Rocket Ship

Dragonette, one of the best bands on Earth, have a new track for you to enjoy, and I'll tell you what's cool: you can download it for free from the handy llittle widget below. Have fun.

(PS: the song is very good and their new album Bodyparts is released on September 24th (Europe) and 25th (US + Canada). I effing can't wait. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[INTERVIEW] One magic hour with Scissor Sisters

A year with a new Scissor Sisters album is always a good year, isn't it? Well 2012 started in the best possible way since its very first day saw the release of a new Scissters track, the mighty fierce Shady Love, which features hot rap chick Azealia Banks. Quite different from anything the band had released before, it paved the way for their fourth studio album Magic Hour which was released at the end of May.

Exciting it is, dear readers. While Nightwork remains my absolue favorite, I was pleased to see Jake & co didn't play it safe by mixing influences, sounds and collaborations. While some tracks are clearly weaker (San Luis Obispo, The secret life of Letters) the rest is totally exciting. Keep Your Shoes On, Somewhere and Self Control, with their sexy electro beats, are my picks from the bunch, and Inevitable, Baby Come Home and Shady Love are close contenders.

But to be honest, the central track on here is Ana-led Let's Have a Kiki, a total slutfest of a track about the drag scene, that's sexier than your wildest night at the club. And guess what? I've been lucky enough to discuss the Kiki thing with the whole band while they were promoting the record in Paris a few weeks back. The adorable bunch fill us in on Magic Hour, their place in the current music economy, their collaborations and of course, Kylie

Pop fans, it doesn't get any better than this. So as Ana says: "lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels". 

Thank you to the always perfect team at 3emeGauche which ou can follow on Twitter and like on Facebook.

Magic Hour is available to purchase on CD & digital formats. 
Tour in the fall, with a stop in Paris on October 14 (Le Trianon)

New single: Baby Come Home

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Pop is back! What happened in the past 4 months

Yes bitches, I'm back. Lots of (mainly great) things & music happened in the past four months and a half so here's a little round-up.

On the Kylie front, things have been pretty hot, with more K25 surprises including the Anti Tour (which I missed, sadly), another Abbey Road video and A NEW SINGLE! A great one, that is. You've probably heard Timebomb by now but in case you haven't, here it is. Kylie, queen of pretty much everything.

In March, I've been lucky enough to go on tour with a great artist who sold out venues night after night. Charlie Winston is not only an incredible songwriter and performer, he's also one hell of a man and those four weeks on the road with the whole team were absolutely unforgettable. We made a little blog together which you can read here if you're interested.

Two amazing albums were released by French artists in the Spring : first, pop-rock parisian band Revolver launched their second LP Let Go, a real pop masterpiece with amazingly crafter pop songs. My fave? Let's Get Together. I visited them while they were recording last Summer, remember?Second, Barbara Carlotti, an artist I was lucky enough to work with in my previous job, released the magnificent "L'amour, l'argent, le vent". A collection of classy and sophisticate songs you are going to love, regardless of your understanding of the french language.

Whitney Houston and Donna Summer passed away. Bummer.

Marina & the Diamonds released her second album Electra Heart, and much to my pleasure it's almost perfect. Marina is a force to be reckoned with and her new single Power And Control could/should be the real breakthrough hit she needs to establish herself as a successful artist. Anyway, the record is pure pop goodness. I'm so relieved.

Oh, those two new Dragonette song? Amazing of course! Right Woman has totally been my jam since day 1.

Poor Madonna. Her MDNA LP was pretty coldly received by fans and critics alike. It's not the catastrophy some would like to have you believe. While the singles are meh (Give me all your luvin) and awful (Girl Gone Wild) some tracks on there are proper smashes. I'm Addicted? HOT. Turn Up The Radio? HIT (erm). Gang Bang? EPIC. Love Spent? SMASH. Other good bits include: Some Girls, I Don't Give A, Superstar, Beautiful Killer. Best Friend is terribly bad, as is I Fucked Up. You win some, you lose some. Even you, Madge! 
As for the MDNA Tour, it seems quite good, way better than the Sticky & Sweet Tour. I'll see that with my own eyes on July 14 and will report back.

I'm Addicted
Turn Up The Radio

The latest Saturdays single "30 Days" was totally amazing. It went in at #7. Poor The Saturdays.

I spent the best part of April in Australia, a.k.a. the best country on Earth, where life is sweet and people are mostly hot. While I failed to bump into Kylie while sunbathing on Tamarama Beach, I enjoyed every second there. On the music front, not much happened, although I arrived there right in the middle of a One Direction frenzy. Aussie superstar Delta Goodrem's new single Sitting On Top Of The World premiered in early April, and hey, it's pretty pleasant while you drive down the Great Ocean Road. I also got to know Guy Sebastian. His single Don't Worry Be Happy is a delicious slice of sunny pop.

Guy Sebastian - Don't Worry Be Happy

You know which song I listened to over and over on the beach? I'll tell you which song: Cassidy by French band Erevan Tusk. Classic.

Oh God Nicki Minaj is so annoying. As are Rihanna and Katy Perry. Nothing really new here.

The new Cheryl single Call My Name sucks, and her album sucks even harder. But who cares, the Girls Aloud reunion is coming in a few months, with many reports of the girls recording new material with Xenomania surfacing in the past few weeks. 

Once And For All by Clock Opera is good. Very good. Very very good.

The new Gossip album, produced by Xenomania, deserves a post of its own, but I don't really have time for that. I'll just tell you I'm totally in love with their poppier sound, and most of the tracks on A Joyful Noise are instant smashes. New single Move In The Right Direction is the hotness, but my real fave is Get A Job. Queen Beth reigns supreme.

I lo-lo-love Ariane Moffatt's latest record MA. The singer from Quebec released her new LP in May, and she's part of my new firm's roster so I discovered her live in Paris a few weeks ago. My pick on the record is Too Late.

I'll tell you more about Scissor Sisters in the coming days as I'll post an interview of the whole band I recorded with my friends from 3emeGauche. Their new album isn't as fantastic as the previous one Night Work, but it has its moments, so it's more than worth a proper post. Stay tuned and in the meantime, let's have a kiki! 

It's good to be back!