Friday, September 28, 2012

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Future star: Owlle - Disorder

Watch this space. This French woman, named Owlle is going to slay 2013. The first taste of things to come is the awesome Disorder, which you can download for free here

Believe me, you haven't heard the demos I grabbed when she was supposed to sign to the label I worked at last year, before she decided to go with Sony (*massive sadface*). There's some serious hotness in there such as Ticky Ticky. Now hurry up, lady.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[PLAYLIST] Six +1 hot new songs

Here are a few songs. Some are going to make you feel like this:

while others while hopefully will make you feel like THIS: 

Well let's see about that.

MSMR - Hurricane:

Very good. I've just missed their show tonight in Paris which @ch_menez twitt-described as "Florence meets Hurts". Well done me.

Chvrches - The Mother We Share:

Quite interesting. This is released on November 5 so we have some time.

Charli XCX - Nuclear Seasons

This gem can be found on her very much above-average "You're the One" EP that just came out. OR on the live iTunes Festival EP I just bought. Your choice. My advice: double the fun

Alex Clare - Too Close

Dubstep-y but very close to what I love. The album is great too. OH AND GUESS WHAT! You can stream it in full right here.

Cat Power - Cherokee

I'm in love with the whole record. This song gives you quite a good idea of how nice it sounds "in full".

No Doubt - Push & Shove


Capital Cities - Safe And Sound

Yes I know their Soundcloud says this song was posted "one year ago"so I'm kinda late to the party, but wh cares when a song's so hot?

Monday, September 17, 2012

[ALBUM REVIEW]: Contact by Noisettes

Noisettes' previous album Wild Young Hearts was one hell of a great record, one of the few where all songs are great (you know, that thing that happens about 5% of the time). 

I'm pretty happy their new record Contact, which was released in late August, somehow follows this previously established path of goodness. While I think the first single was not a good choice to get people excited (That Girl, while the anthemic Winner was just made available for free on their Facebook page -bitch please), it turns out it's got more than its fair share of potential hits and exciting tracks.
The first half of the record is more efficient, in-your-face and filled with radio-friendly tracks like I Want You Back, Final Call, Winner or Let The Music Play (a favorite here!) than the second one which sees a yukulele-led track (Ragtop Car), a few ballads (Never Enough, Contact -both good as far as ballads go) and less memorable songs.

If you get the bonus track edition, you'll be pleased to hear Prisoner of Love, a more retro-sounding track that could have been a good inclusion on Wild Young Hearts, which says a lot about its quality. 

It's a good thing the band went to explore more daring territories, not trying to re-create their previous record, but willing to offer a different sound, slightly more electro-infused. Great work on the A&R and production is displayed here and you would be very ill-advised not to give Contact the attention it deserves. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Robbie, Robbie, I'm totally here for you, and I like Candy

Yay, Robbie Williams is back, and this time it's not with an awful duet with Gary Barlow. Gary's still around though, as he wrote this funky and highly enjoyable new single Candy, taken from Rob's new studio album Take The Crown, out Nov 5.

This is undoubtedly Robbie's best work since the Rudebox album, a misunderstood genius record. Speaking of the past, it's funny how during his first proper live gig in YEARS, Rob did as though his last three albums never happened and it was 2004 all over again. I'm totally up for such a show. All those songs from Escapology! And Kids! And KARMA KILLER! See the yummy setlist below.

Paris is waiting, Robbie Williams.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who wants Christina Aguilera's career dead?

Certainly not me. I love Xtina to bits, though she's probably the most dislikable popstar in the game. It's a tie with Gaga, though. Well, Xtina's got that white trash attitude I can' help but love.

On Wednesday, the queen of latex onesies graced the plebeian beings we all are with her presence (or her assistant's) on Twitter. How 2012. Several announcements were made regarding her upcoming releases: 

- New single Your Body will be released on Friday, with the video premiering next Monday
- The album will be released in November under the name Lotus
- It's about being strong and overcoming everything blah blah blah

Now please stop whatever it is you're doing and take a minute to think. 
You're a marketing executive and your job is to release the new Christina Aguilera album. The woman's previous record was one of the most embarrassing flops in recent pop history, the campaign was a disaster from A to Z (remember what I wrote about it here), but thankfully she featured on one of last year's biggest hits, Maroon 5's Move Like Jagger. 
So you'd probably try to follow this success with great music, a new, classier image, maybe a little less sexual, more elegant (remember the whole Not Myself Tonight fiasco??).

Maybe you'd play it safe with an established producer, since pairing Xtina with up and coming ones on Bionic didn't really turn out to be the best idea (shed crushed them and their -mostly- fantastic songs). Settle for Max Martin, he probably has a few song Katy Perry didn't want.

Anyway, you'd try to put this trainwreck back on track.

But all you can come up with is:  ALL I WANNA DO IS FUCK YOUR BODY.
Well done everyone.
The song itself isn't half bad, it's a grower and has something quite cool about it, but it's in no way the song she needs to come back after the whole Bionic debacle. 

Then, you let the track leak weeks ahead of its release. In the meantime, shoot a video where Xtina looks like a 10$ hooker (evidence below).

After that, name the album Lotus. Don't make any research to check if it's not the name of the most popular toilet paper brand in France, for example. Not knowing about this pretty hilarious fact, PLEASE shoot the cover art for the single with the singer literally WRAPPED in toilet paper (or is it a curtain?). FULL CIRCLE.

Well done everyone. 
Frankly, I'm wondering: who the hell wants poor Xtina's career in the dumper? Probably herself, but she might not realize it yet.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

[SURPRISE] Lou Doillon - Places

Franchement, qui aurait pu imaginer que Places, le premier album de Lou Doillon, actrice désormais chanteuse, et membre d'une tribu emblématique (Doillon-Birkin et par extension Gainsbourg) ne serait pas l'une de ces ridicules tentatives d'explorer de nouveaux territoires artistiques pour une actrice en mal de succès ? Clairement, pas moi. J'imaginais que ce disque serait une crise d'égo aussi ennuyeuse que vaine et prétentieuse, qui m'énerverait au moins autant que celle, abominable, de Mélanie Laurent l'an dernier, dont l'album (dont on espère qu'il restera sans suite) ravive de vilains souvenirs.

EH BIEN NON ! Lou Doillon sort donc un premier album somptueux. Les paroles, les mélodies, la production (assurée par Etienne Daho, tout simplement) et même les visuels : tout fonctionne, comme si Lou avait toujours été faite pout chanter. Bien sûr, elle ne se départit pas totalement de son image de poseuse parisienne (notamment dans le clip de I.C.U, ou en interview), mais sa voix chaude et émouvante comme l'est son interprétation font de ce premier essai un coup de maître inattendu.

Reste à voir si ce projet touchera un public plus large que celui de la hype parisiano-parisienne auquel il s'adresse en premier lieu. Ceci dit, la grande force de ce disque est son accessibilité plutôt étonnante, rendue possible par les chansons elles-mêmes, simples et touchantes. Mes préférées ? I.C.U, Devil or Angel, Defiant, Questions and Answers et Places. Mais ne vous arrêtez pas à celles-là. Places est un vrai album, qui s'écoute et s'apprécie de la première à la dernière note. C'est dire s'il est bon.

Places, sortie le 3/9 en CD, vinyle et mp3 - iTunes -

Lou Doillon au Studio Ferber - I.C.U. par loudoillonofficiel

Frankly, who could have imagined that Places, the first album by actress-turned-singer and pop dynasty heiress Lou Doillon would turn out to be that good, and not some some lazy and ridiculous attempt at reaching out to a new artistic field? Well certainly not me. I actually thought this would sound overly pretentious and boring, and I would hate everything about it, pretty much like another actress' music venture, Melanie Laurent's atrocious debut (and hopefully last) album.

WELL NOT AT ALL. This record is just absolutely sumptuous. From the melodies and the lyrics to the production (by French pop master Etienne Daho) and the artwork, it all works, as if Lou were actually meant to be a recording artist. Sure, she still appears as a poser sometimes, but her warm and emotion-conveying voice and interpretation make these eleven tracks one hell of a debut. And quite an unexpected one. 

Hopefully she'll be able to connect with a wide audience though the primary target for this project is a little more narrow and "parisian". That being said one of the record's main strengths is its accessibility, made possible by the simple and touching songs themselves. My picks on the record: I.C.U, Devil or Angel, Defiant, Questions and Answers, Places. But don't listen to these ones only. Places is a proper LP you'll want to enjoy from the first to the very last second. It's that good.

Lou Doillon au Studio Ferber - Questions & Answers par loudoillonofficiel
Lou Doillon au Studio Ferber - Devil or Angel par loudoillonofficiel

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Kids of 88 : awesomeness from New Zealand

Guys. Kids of 88 are a totally amazing band with amazing tunes. Their debut Sugarpills was totally among my favorite records of 2010 (#6 if you want to be precise). 
Their second LP Modern Love drops on October 5th and the new single LaLa leads me to think it's going to be one exciting record. It's pop at its best. Plus, it's available on iTunes worldwide. 
Now, what are you waiting for?