Friday, January 31, 2014

@itspop's 'January14WasOK' playlist of generally good music

Here's a cool way to sum up the first month of the year: with a playlist you can listen to from here, or on the go, and share, post anywhere, keep for yourself, etc. 
I'm using this new (?) thing Minilogs which seems nice if, like me, you don't always find what you want on Spotify, Deezer et all. 

So, what happened in January?

- Beyoncé - XO: well technically this happened in December but I've been so hooked on the album lately that I've listened to this one non-stop. Seriously, like this single, the album is brilliant. Or should i say ***flawless. 

- Paolo Nutini - Scream (Funk My Life Up): I liked his song Candy once so I thought why not. I like this guy's distinctive voice and frankly the song's OK.

- Thomas Azier - Wicked Game (cover): I literally cannot wait for his album! In the meantime I found out he covered one my most adored songs ever, Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. Beautiful.

- Paloma Faith - Can't Rely On You: I'm sick of Pharell-produced songs already. But I've always liked Paloma, especially her debut album, and one song on the second one (Blood Sweat And Tears), so I gave this one a go. It's OK. 

- Little Mix - Word Up!: IT'S FOR CHARITY OK? While there are about 6 possible singles left on their recent album Salute, the 'Mix are releasing this cover of Cameo as the Sport Relief thing. It's good though. But we all know deep inside that the definitive version is Mel B/G's from the late 90s (and that Austin Power movie). 

- Madonna - Some Girls (William Orbit Remix): William's been posting lots of interesting things on his Soundcloud page lately, all from Madge's latest album MDNA. This is basically an 'extended remix' of the song Some Girls, but it's quite enjoyable. And in these trouble times of wedding stuff at the Grammys and not-too-bad live mashups with Miley, let's enjoy what we can.

- Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Bittersweet: her new album is OK. But it's clearly not home to a song as fantastic as Bittersweet. Let's hold hands and reminisce.

- Owlle - Don't Lose It: told you about this one already. Please please please listen to/buy her debut album, you won't regret it.

- Gaël Faure - On Dirait L'Islande: I have quite a soft spot for this folky pop song that was released a year ago. With the release of his debut album just around the corner (Feb 3), let's get to know Gaël Faure's pretty face a bit better.

- Lady Gaga - Dance In The Dark: listening to this song A LOT these past few days made me both happy and sad. Happy because it reminded me of Gaga's imperial phase, when she released the flawless Fame Monster EP and we all thought she was going to save pop. Sad because it reminded me of the endless flow of crap she's released since then and how she will never ever top this Voguesque triumphant piece of pop. 

- Kylie Minogue - Into The Blue: I wrote about this one extensively already. What a tune. Well done Kylie!

- Conway - Big Talk: this song is a storm! Catchy, gimmicky, slick and well-produced, it'll just blow you away. Well done Conway, whoever you are

- Ana Matronic & Bright Light Bright Light - West End Girls: two of my favorite pop people covered this classic from the Pet Shop Boys, and the result is as good as you'd hope. More like this, please! Free download.

- Clare Maguire - Whenever You Want It: her debut album was a favorite of mine back in 2010, and I was fearing we had lost her forever. In fact Clare is making lots of little songs somewhere, and this one, a much more chilled track than her previous work, is delicious. And let's say the "I don't wanna be alone, I just wanna have someone" line is quite accurate, too.

- Kyla La Grange - Cut Your Teeth: in another world, this would be a Lady Gaga song and we'd all be going crazy over it. Fortunately for Kyla, this brilliant piece of mysterious pop is going to do a lot of good for her. Well that's if people bother giving it the chance it deserves. 

- Broken Bells - After The Disco: Superproducer Danger Mouse + Singer from The Shins = amazing tunes like this one. The kind of song you play at the end of the party, when you're drunk but you still want to dance with that one person you secretly hope will spend the night with you. Or is it just me?

- Laleh - Colors: epic scandipop never disappoints. This one is actually so good it almost renders the rest of the year irrelevant already. 

- Katy B - Crying For No Reason: if we're totally honest, we'll all agree that Katy B has won 2014 already with this perfect song. I REALLY makes me cry for no other reason than its perfection. And there you have it: song of the month and, maybe, of the year too. 

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