Monday, January 27, 2014

The day Kylie Minogue released her amazing new single Into The Blue and tweeted me

Today, Monday, January 27th 2014, will remain in history for two Kylie-related reasons: 

- Kylie Minogue, Goddess of pop and true icon of fishnet dresses, officially premiered Into The Blue, her new-single-that-leaked-a-week-ago.

- Kylie Minogue's community manager tweeted me a mystery-filled, cryptic message that reads as follows:

What Kylie really means with this  concise yet intriguing message still remains a mystery, but I am tempted to think she's warning me that big things are coming for her and I. 
Kylie is going to ask me to join her team for the release of her much-anticipated new album Kiss Me Once (March 17) and the upcoming tour. She knows I have very reliable experience in working with artists and am currently looking for a new, exciting and international work experience. Everything should finally fall into place. Perfect. 
The other option is she really liked my new shoes. Kylie, you should know that I am willing to take them on tour with us!

This is my very own Bermuda Triangle mystery. #IntoTheBermudaTriangle (© @paulbhr)

Nice lyrics video!

Back to Into The Blue. The non-definitive version that leaked last week was perfect to get used to the new song, though it didn't really need much getting used to. 
It's a perfect Kylie song: uplifting, instantly catchy, positive, sexy and super-super pop. Sure, I (and many others) were ready to be more surprised, to embrace a riskier sound and song, but let's face it: what Kylie needs (and wants) right now is a hit. And this sounds like a hit. A much much better one than 97% of what's in the charts right now. 
It's dancey but not trashy and brainless EDM, it's got self-empowering lyrics but it's nowhere near a cheap Katy Perry bore-athon, it's sexy but never overly and embarrassingly Madonna-Girl-Gone-Wild sexual. 

People behind this song (writers, producer, singer) know what they're here for and they deliver. This song is aimed at Kylie's fans as well as a wider audience, which hasn't always been the case in the pas few years. Keep in mind that Kylie's last UK #1 single is Slow. It was in 2003. 
With her coach/judge job at The Voice UK, she's certainly reminding people why they loved her so much: for this kind of just-cheesy-enough pop songs that stick in your brain on first listen and make you instantly happier.

Hopefully the album, Kiss Me Once, will follow the same path of pop-goodness though dare going into more innovative territories as well. With song titles such as Sexercize and Les Sex (full tracklisting and preorder here) we're probably in for some surprises, and maybe future Kyliemoments.

Well done, Kylie Minogue. Now call me. 


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