Monday, October 13, 2014

Jessie Ware's Tough Love: Autumn love

Jessie Ware's second album "Tough Love" is out now, and it's a thing of beauty. Don't expect a strong departure from the sound of 2012's Devotion though, but continued  excellence. 

Songs on Tough Love sound instantly more catchy, definitely more "pop" as in "could appeal to a wider audience". It's easy to get into this record thanks to unbeatable choruses and melodies ("You and I (Forever)", "Say You Love Me", "Cruel") and an overall warm and welcoming atmosphere. Production is classy, as are Jessie's soulful vocals. 

As an artist, Jessie's instantly likeable, and proved it two weeks ago when she performed at Le Trabendo in Paris. Cheeky and chatty inbetween songs, she also established a powerful presence and was successfully backed by a band that gave strength to some of the more fragile songs. 

Get Tough Love now : it's one of the records of the year. (iTunes)

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